Join Me in Round Rock, Texas This February to Talk About Gifted Parenting, Education

Next month I’m scheduled to speak up in Round Rock at a TAGT Parent Conference. I’ve just placed the details up over on my Facebook page, but if you plan to attend then you’ll also want to visit the conference page for registration information.

Here are the descriptions of my talk from the conference brochure. The exact time and locations of the talks are subject to change.
Join Pamela Price at this February's TAGT Conference in Round Rock

Pamela Price is among the speakers at the 2015 TAGT Parent Conference in Round Rock, Texas

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Mean Girls and Nursing Homes

Weeks ago I printed out an article on the study mentioned in this piece, and I’ve been meaning to circle back to discuss the topic. It fits into what I’ve been thinking about lately regarding how bullying happens throughout the “gifted lifetime,” and makes relational aggression a problem for gifted people of all ages. It’s also something that I’ve witnessed during my own mother’s time in nursing homes.

However, Jennifer Weiner (one of my favorite contemporary novelists) does such a fine job in this NY Times article that I think I’ll just tempt you with a snipped and encourage you to go read the full story:

The notion that a threat to seniors is their peers is somewhat new, and usually played for laughs. It goes against a truism handed down from mothers to daughters for generations: This, too, shall pass. Mean girls are not girls, or mean, forever. High school doesn’t last forever, everyone grows up. But Nanna’s experience suggests otherwise. It says that the cruel, like the poor, are always with us, that mean girls stay mean — they just start wearing support hose and dentures.

A recent Cornell University study by Karl Pillemer proves the point, showing that aggression among residents in nursing homes is widespread and “extremely high rates of conflict and violence” are common. According to the study’s news release, one in five residents was involved in at least one “negative and aggressive encounter” with another resident during a four-week period. Sixteen percent were cursed or yelled at; 6 percent were hit, kicked or bitten; 1 percent were victims of “sexual incidents, such as exposing one’s genitals, touching other residents, or attempting to gain sexual favors;” and 10.5 percent dealt with other residents’ entering their rooms uninvited, or rummaging through their belongings. [Read more]

H/T to my friend Corin for sharing this article via social media.


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