Just popping in to say…

Whoa, y’all.

My new site, HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com, has come together more quickly than I imagined. I’ve just uploaded several posts there to run in April, so I can start the new month on my semi-hiatus as described in my last post here at RW&G.

I’m still working on some other stuff–including both a writing workshop (based on my experience of taking a post and turning it into a book) AND a homeschool workshop in early summer. Oh, and the book may be released late this summer and there’s a blog book tour to organize. Ah, but I’ve said too much…

By the way, you’re welcome to find and follow me over there at HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com, too. (There’s a subscription option in the sidebar.) See also my new Facebook page.

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