Sabbatical Season

Sabbatical Season

Once upon a time I was in a group of bloggers when the discussion of “what to say when you step away” came up. One of the senior bloggers said that we should never apologize for our absence but rather just wait until we’re ready to return. The rationale? Readers would wait. Besides, if you’re honest they might leave or unsubscribe!

That advice, while well-intentioned, felt wrong to me. For me, the relationship between reader and writer is intimate, deserving of respect.

Flash forward to present day. I’ve been torn as of late about what to post here on the blog about my apparent winding down. After several years of writing blog posts, books and articles, I find myself in a new state of mind, weary from juggling so many jobs at once. I also see a shift in the blogosphere–one directed toward prioritizing the moving around of money over growing warm, human relationships–that is no longer pleasurable. It’s a different world than when I first started this blog in 2008.

The idea of blogging, per se, has come to feel like a drain on my reserves. Never mind that I’ve got photos and notes and a stockpile of ideas that could keep me busy for years. I just can’t right now.

Thankfully, writing the books have been a welcome distraction from that declining interest, giving me the opportunity to dive into a couple of complex, under-researched topics that help families. I also still do one-on-one, private consultations on occasion with clients for whom I think I can make a difference as a parenting/homeschool coach and fellow traveler on life’s road. And then there is the private group (now closed to keep the size manageable) of readers and friends who nourish my soul.

For a little while, though, I need to step away from formal, regular blogging. I need to stop walking around feeling guilty that it’s been “X days since you posted, Pamela. What’s wrong with you?”

Thus, I’m taking a sabbatical, re-orienting my life to home and family. And I’m filling the time with gardening and fourth grade math for the kid and lots of walking and breath work. I’ll be doing some advocacy work for Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, where I’ve resigned from the board of directors to become an ambassador.

In my heart–if I’m honest, I feel the seeds of what I can and should do next, but my fields are not ready to plant. This is a phase of my life when I just need to “sit” with where I am and not try to force things.

When the time comes to share my plans, I’ll do that here and on my social media accounts, which I will keep active during the sabbatical.

Until this season is over, thank you kindly, dear readers, for reading.

It’s been a pleasure.


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Goodreads Readers! Here’s Your Chance to Win a Copy of “Gifted, Bullied, Resilient”

Author Pamela Price is giving away a copy of As promised, I’m running a giveaway of “Gifted, Bullied, Resilient” over on Goodreads! Details here.

September 2015 Goodreads Giveaway of Gifted Bullied Resilient

A couple of reviews of the book from the site:

Quick essential read for parents and anyone that works with kids. I loved the distinction between normal childhood conflict (with its benefits) and bullying (with its long term health, emotional, psychological, and social consequences for EVERYONE involved, not just the victim). The author gives clear and concise definitions and explanations interspersed with relevant anecdotes. I was glad to see she touched on Levine and Kline’s (Trauma-Proofing Your Child) vital understanding of trauma being in the eyes of the beholder, not merely a function of the specifics of the events. Simple practical tips to follow and I can’t wait to dive into the wealth of quality resources given at the end. This is definitely a book I’ll be coming back to again and again as my kids grow and encounter new social challenges.


This has some good points and again emphasizes the need for adults to understand when there is a problem and work to help all the children involved. Not backing up children when they need help handling social situations is not the best way to handle this important issue.

I wish we would take this issue as seriously as we take sports and teach our children how to behave and care about other people as stridently as we teach them to read or kick a ball.”

Want to grab a copy of the book ASAP? Click here.

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