Honey, Grapefruit, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Other All-Natural Cough Remedies for Thyroid Patients (And Others)

Fresh squeezed and strained grapefruit as a natural cough expectorant

Ice-cold, fresh-squeezed Texas grapefruit juice. Yum.

Twice this year I’ve taken to crowd-sourcing cough remedies on Facebook and, in hopes of remembering what I learned next winter, I thought I’d dash off a post on the topic.

The first inquiry involved a dry cough that plagued my son. We try to steer clear of food dyes for a variety of reasons, so regular over-the-counter cough remedies are mostly off limits. In his case, we learned from a friend that honey is remarkably soothing for a dry cough. Even her hubby–who works in a military hospital and is a skeptic of old wives’ tales–endorses this approach. It sure worked for my kiddo.

The second crowd-sourcing exercise was for me. About a week ago, I caught a nasty cold and, being an overachiever, took it much harder than my hubby and kid. Raging fever, awful cough, etcetera. To top it off, I took too much asthma medicine and sent my heart racing. Sigh. Mucinex was among the first suggestions thrown out, but as I can’t take pseudophedrine (thanks, Graves’ disease) the most useful version (“DM”) was off limits. A dear doctor friend suggested Flonase to cut the post-nasal drip, but I can’t take that because it breaks out my skin almost as bad as gluten (thanks again, Graves’ disease).

Therefore, I went with shower steam, decaffeinated lemon tea with local honey, saline spray (for the drip), a marvelous gargle (water with a little apple cider vinegar) and a new one for me: fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. As none of my medications react with the juice (always double-check with your pharmacist), I was curious to try it as soon as a friend recommended it. I happened to have a fresh, Texas-raised grapefruit in my fridge, too.  It tasted divine and seemed to, pardon me, cut the sludge almost immediately. Perhaps it was a placebo effect, but I don’t care.

The tangy juice felt heavenly, and I will definitely try it again.

What are your favorite cough remedies? Are there any gems passed down within your family?

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Exploring San Antonio Parks with the Help of New Media, Colleen Pence, and SA2020

Colleen PenceColleen Pence

As a freelance writer, I sometimes have articles that fit within the spirit of RW&G. This is one of those instances–a piece that I wrote for a March 2014 neighborhood publication produced by the Boerne Star here in Texas.

As communities nationwide develop strategies to sustain and grow their local economies while enriching the quality of life, leaders are increasingly resorting to utilizing social media as a tool to highlight and celebrate community assets while creating a public dialogue around specific issues.

Take for instance the SA2020 initiative here in San Antonio. The non-profit created to advance the goals laid out in the SA2020 community vision document recently tapped social media consultant Colleen Pence to serve as the “Outdoorsy Resolutions Leaders for 2014.”

“She was a good pick because we needed people who were already leaders within the community. I would see Colleen online, with her blog, and she was outside with her kids all the time. She was perfect to pair with the parks and green spaces,” said Molly Cox, chief of engagement for SA2020. “This year, we have 19 ‘resolutions leaders’ who are all directly connected to a specific SA2020 goal that they seek to advance. Colleen is one of them.”

In her new role, Pence’s task over the course of the next year is to educate people about the city’s public open spaces. She’ll be using her social media accounts to share her experiences with an eye to encouraging residents to visit the parks.

“I’ll post on SanAntonioMomBlogs.com after visiting each of the 20 parks we’ll go to this year. The posts will include our experiences, descriptions of the parks, photos, and sometimes video to showcase the parks and everything that’s great (and even not so great) about them. Occasionally, my posts will appear on the SA2020.org site too,” said Pence. Continue reading

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