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For some reason, ever since I opened my package from Womanswork and pulled out the lovely High-Performance Gloves they sent my way for review*, I’ve had the lyrics to a particular Beatles song in my head.

Funny that.

The new gloves couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Since I enjoy the rustle of dry leaves during our (mercifully) brief winter, I typically skip an intense fall garden clean-up in favor of a spring one. So into our front beds the new gloves went almost immediately. There they were required to hold their own while I undertook all sorts of work: digging, hauling, clipping, shoving, etc. I also used them to remove a Belinda’s Dream rosebush that died in last year’s drought. To add to the excitement, I didn’t clip my own long fingernails before slipping the new gloves on.

The result? Save for an unfortunate wound resulting from my cavalier use of the clippers (oops), these gloves held up beautifully. I concede to having pushed the envelope in removing the rose bush. That remains a task best reserved for specially designed rose gloves. However, with careful, calculated movements on my part to work around thorns, the High-Performance Gloves did help me get a proper grip to pop that sucker out of the ground.

Wondering about my pointy fingernails? The Toughtek reinforcement at the glove tips kept them in check. As we gardeners know all to well, nails can rip holes in the tips pretty darn quick. This, in turn, can create all sorts of problems, especially if you’re digging in lose soil recently, um, visited by your favorite feline.

The pair that I tested came in a lovely shade of aqua. (Or is that pale turqouise?) With a helpful carabiner (or a small metal thingy to attach the gloves to your beltloop) and a mesh screen on the back to help you keep your cool, these gloves prove that women know best what women need in a garden glove design.

To sum up, from last week’s exercise in the early spring air, I’m reminded that all any gardener needs to get started again this year is good soil, sun, rain and… you guessed it… gloves.

It’s easy.

Yup, with a variety of gloves for women–and men! is an ideal place to begin.

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