Two GOOD Ideas in Running at Change.Org

I love both of the following ideas, and they’re competing this month online (with others) at (@change).

• American Farmland Trust (@farmland) has a plan over the next five years that “carves a clear path to a sustainable future for agriculture and our communities, a future in which all Americans can enjoy farm-fresh food on our tables, the pleasure of an open country road, the security of clean water, and farms contributing to local economies.” (Facebook group)

• D.C.-based Ethan Genauer, a new teacher-gardener, wants to see a revival of the nationwide school garden initiative. Genauer writes that “Although my vision for Universal School Gardens is ambitious, I believe that now is indeed the ideal moment for a new nationwide mobilization of Americans dedicated to the common purpose of achieving this delicious dream. ” (Facebook group)

Both ideas are intriguing–and ambitious. To vote on your favorite, visit

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