What Do You Think?

How well do you think this new show will go over here?

I’m thinking about reception by mainstream America, not foodies, gardeners or others (like me) who’ve already bought into the message. And I’m thinking about our especially heated political climate, with lots of folks bristling about what they “will and won’t be told to do.”

• Oliver is reaching out to preachers. Go, Jamie! Very wise.
• Check out the Food Revolution petition map.
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  1. I think if the tone is right (not holier than thou, “we Europeans know better than you fatty Americans”) this show could be well received by America. They know that they/their fellow Americans are alarmingly overweight. And they know it’s bad for them. But I think a lot of people feel frustrated that healthy options and lifestyles are so difficult to come by. Unhealthy food is cheap and easy and available everywhere. From what I have heard about Jamie’s idea is that he is trying to show people how eating healthier can be tasty and interesting. So if he has a positive can-do attitude and offers helpful ideas, I think the show will be a success.

  2. Fern – Did you catch Ryan Seacrest on Larry King? It was a rebroadcast and RS is producer of Jamie’s show.

    Anyway, I think having a mainstream person like Seacrest out helping push the message. While I’m not a big American Idol fan personally, he’s got the forum and the “likability” factor working for him.

    The combination of him and Jamie just might make it work.

    Fingers crossed because it’s a long road ahead…

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