Yeah, What She Said

My friend Linda (a.k.a. @lindamade on Twitter) has many accomplishments to her credit, including the publication of one book–and another one on the way.

This year she’s experimenting with her first raised bed garden, so we’ve been chatting about it online. Thank you, social media! Given Linda’s positive attitude–as evidenced by the following excerpt of a recent post,  I think she’ll be just fine:

It’s always exciting to learn something new.  As children, and as a culture, I think many of us expect that we should already be good at something if we’re “meant” to do it, but I know from my craft work that success is all about repetition and practice. Yesterday we went zip-lining in the hill country, something that I am definitely not good at (and quite frankly, was afraid to do). What was refreshing about the day for me was that no one was there to tell me that I sucked or wasn’t good at zip lining, and it would have been ridiculous to think that anyone would already be good about an adventurous activity. No one scolded me for nearly smashing into a tree, and by the end, I was pretty confident on the cables. I try to take this approach to any type of learning– go at my pace and do what works for me. So, in the garden,  I will do what I can each day and be proud of the outcome no matter what. When it comes to new skills, we really should give everyone an A for effort. (I’m hoping I’ll also get a B for basil and a C for cucumbers.) [Read More]

I can’t wait until she harvests her first veggie. Go, Linda!

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