Milwaukee Victory Garden Initiative

LaManda (@theyarden and @growingretro) passed this along from Amy Westrup, who sent us the Disney World victory garden pics earlier this year:

You’ll see what they’re riffing on with the poster if you click here.

I learned about this event last week from Milwaukee’s Alterra Coffee (BTDT and really do have a t-shirt). If you want to check out the Second Annual Victory Garden Blitz, click on over to The Victory Garden Initiative‘s site.

Love their tagline: “This is a Grassroots Movement. Move Grass. Grow Food.”

Gee, can I get that on a t-shirt?

Explore More:

Riffing is good, but original contemporary victory garden posters and artwork are grrr-eat! Check out the work of Rebecca Shelley (see also her blog, Local Victory and her Etsy shop).