A Garden in Baghdad

Nope, not referencing the Garden of Ridvan or the ancient, hanging gardens of Babel.

Speaking instead of a modern version of a war-time victory garden revealed courtesy of Houston-area garden writer Kathy Huber. It instantly made me think of my grandfather’s WWI-era descriptions of fruits and vegetables both in England and at the French front-lines, so am sending my copy of the paper to my mother.

The story:

Forty-two miles north of Baghdad, a small contingent of U.S. gardeners has gained some homegrown ground. Their vegetable plot at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, has had its ups and downs. The giant lima and snap beans have been a hit. The ‘Clemson Spineless’ okra was mostly a no-show.

Gardening there brings a good dose of failures as well as successes, reports Lt. Col. Donal Dunbar, the top gardener and director of operations at the Air Force Theater Hospital on the base. Dunbar, who’s due to return home to San Antonio next month, is serving his second, six-month Iraq tour. His 14-member gardening club began planting in February. [Read More]