Everything Old is New Again

Love the way this article, “BC Grew WWII Gardens” by Battle Creek Enquirer‘s Ryan Holland, starts off seeming to be a modern-day story, but is actually an oldie (but goodie!).

On mornings when the rain stayed away, George C. Eddinger Sr. of 96 Arthur St. would rise at 5 a.m., pack a lunch and walk three miles to his garden plot, which he had plowed himself by hand.

Sometimes passing motorists would give the elderly man a ride, but he enjoyed ambling through the cool morning. Born in 1853, he was no stranger to war, and he walked with a clear purpose.

“Our boys in the army need all the vegetables they can get, and it is up to us to grow our own,” he told the Enquirer and News in 1943.

In Battle Creek and across the country, many of those who did not make the trip overseas to fight during World War II took up shovels, trowels, hoes and watering cans to assist in the war effort.

The war created shortages in basic sustenance, and with people growing their own vegetables, it was hoped that these so-called victory gardens would help take pressure off the food supply. [Read more here.]