She Can Make a Difference! Exhibit (Indiana)

Up at East Central Indiana’s Minnetrista, they’ve got a new exhibit:

She Can Make A Difference! is an interactive exploration of women’s historical contributions to family, community and our nation. The new exhibit, created by Minnetrista, explores the necessity of community gardening during war times and the response women provided for their families through home canning.

They’ve got food preservation demos, and, yup, they’ve got a Victory Garden included in the show.

For more information, click here. Note that Minnetrista originated with the Ball family. Yup, the folks responsible for all those canning supplies. (The center has a green roof, too, in one section.)

Let’s see… in the last five years, that’s how many high-profile demo victory gardens at museums/cultural landmarks?

Off the top of my head, we’ve got:


Eisenhower Presidential Library

The McFaddin-Ward House

The White House garden

And now Minnetrista.

Not too shabby for a grassroots revival, eh?

Of course, that’s not counting Disney, or the civic garden in downtown San Francisco two years ago, or the 2010 SF Garden Show one, or…


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