Monday Morning Poll: Whaddaya think of Kraft’s “Home Farm” Push?

Maybe it’s because I see the rise in home and community gardens/farms through the lens of history (corporate support of victory gardening was vital), but my knickers aren’t in a twist over Kraft gettin’ diggy with it.

Frankly, I’d like to see them lay out even more cash since I think, as a mega-brand, they can reach out to the “non-believers” and help them start gardening. That, for me, is the biggest issue we’ve got in the revival of home gardens right now and another reason that I’m working on the Dig for Texas petition drive. And then there’s the part where, having blogged about a revival for two years, there’s some satisfaction that things are happening on a wider scale as I’d suspected they might, especially once the White House garden was planted.

Some greenies are ticked, however. Basically, they’re concerned that corporate over-lords Kraft will stamp out the grassroots-driven passion of the movement.

I thought it would be fun to see what y’all think with a light-hearted Monday AM poll:

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• Picked up from The Dinner Garden’s FB fan page is this new Employer Gardens site, which I think is prescient.

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*Well, that and the fact that my Central Texas garden is being steamed alive this June… but that’s another story.