Fun Friday Mash-Up


Hope your Fourth of July was fantastic!

As most of y’all know, I’m working this summer and fall on the Dig for Texas petition drive, an effort that puts theory (pro-garden advocates can foster an appreciation for gardening in the public sphere via media) into practice here at home. 

Up until now, it’s been baby steps, but things are heating up nicely, especially with our new Twitter account (@digfortexas) in place.

Thanks to those of you’ve –Texans and non-Texans alike–who’ve spread the word via Facebook and your other networks, both new and old-fashioned. Every mention helps!

Here in Central Texas, it’s a wet, gloomy and comparatively cool day. Yet there’s plenty of sunshine in my heart, thanks to these stories. Enjoy!

Chris McLaughlin (@suburban_farmer) is now the National Urban Homesteading Examiner! You’ll remember the review of her first book, perhaps? You’ll find her first story in her new role here, where she defines the “urban homesteading” term.

• Lovely Family Circle story here on women who’ve set about changing the world–starting in their gardens.

Dreyer’s Fruit Bars is giving away fruit orchards to communities across the country via their Communities Take Root initiative. Wander over there to see if your town is in the running, and if not–then vote for my current fave:  The Brownwood (Texas) Area Community Garden! Am a Central Texas gal, so am totally biased. Congrats to the Corpus Christi Botanical Garden which won last month.

• The Chi-town Peterson’s Garden Project seems to have had a rockin’ time last weekend at their re-dedication ceremony. They’ve filled up all the plots, but I’m pretty sure folks can still sponsor a bed.

Radio Boston is giving the “victory garden” concept some love this week in a broadcast.

• Have you visited Slow Family (@slowfamily) yet? The site is family-centric and with all sorts of WONDERFUL projects, crafts. It’s also a VERY fine companion to the newish, which I co-author with Amy (@granolarouge).

Fun Friday Mash-Up