Two Things, Related

Happy Monday, y’all! Just a quick post…

• Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith will present “Victory Gardens: Join the Garden Revolution” via IATP’s webinar on Wednesday, July 28 @ 11AM CDT. [UPDATE: The talk is now available online. Click here.]

A description:

Join historian Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith for an in-depth look at the past and present of the Victory Garden movement. Review historical case studies, learn about current national policies and models, and discuss the future work needed to sustain the Victory Garden model as part of the overall local food movement. Rose will also discuss urban agriculture and how the local food-systems movement is addressing a wide range of challenges facing Americans today. [More information, including registration]

• Speaking of home gardens being a part of the local food movement… here’s the second video, “Grow,” from the 2010 Dig for Texas (@digfortexas and petition drive. (Remember? We’re a NON-partisan, pro-garden initiative seeking to foster support for home/community gardens in the Lone Star State.)

[Update: For some reason, the link isn’t working properly when post uploads…grrrr… to see video, Click here(new window).]

Our Facebook-based petition ( has almost 140 signatures so far, which is 160 short of the Aug. 1 goal. I’m pretty sure that with enough folks sharing the video via social media (and regular email), we can hit 300 by Sunday. As we head into fall–and the Texas gubernatorial race kicks into high gear, I’m confident these precious, early signatures will prove fruitful, attracting the larger numbers we need to hit our Nov. 2 goal.

If you’re willing to help us out with this week’s signature push, you can tweet/email/post/share this short blurb to help out:

Local food fans! The Dig for Texas video,”Grow,” is out! See it: The petition:

Thanks! If we can make this deal work in Texas… well, it can work just about anywhere. Therefore, your support/interest is very much appreciated, wherever you may reside.