Oh, The Gardener & The Farmer Should Be Friends

This song, from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, came to my mind this weekend. During a tweet up for Dig for Texas at a San Antonio-area farmers’ market, someone remarked that “gardeners wouldn’t come to a market because they raise their own food.”

I chuckled.

My love of markets may, on occasion, eclipse gardening. It’s the community-mindedness of them, I guess. Plus, I purchase plant starts at my market to fill our garden. Moreover, seeing as we keep a modest vegetable garden due to intense heat and sunlight our yard receives in the summer and other micro-climate matters, I count on the market for fresh fruits and produce pretty much year ’round.

So, yes, the gardener and the farmer can–and should–be friends.


  1. Hi Pamela: Speaking as someone who grows a lot of vegetables in my garden, I can’t imagine not going to the farmers market. They offer so many more things than I can possibly grow myself… Plus, I buy my heirloom plant starts from local farmers, not to mention my grass-fed beef, lamb, etc… If anything, I think gardeners understand better than most the challenges that farmers face. We know from our own gardens that Mother Nature can be fickle. And we usually LOVE good foods… which most wise folks know comes from the farmers market. So, gardeners should be farmers’ biggest fans… 😉

    • “We know from our own gardens that Mother Nature can be fickle.”

      That’s an EXCELLENT point, Teresa! Although our tomatoes were TERRIFIC this year, I still have trouble with zucchini and squash borers. This makes me chuckle when folks complain about their excess zukes while I have to pick them up at the market.

      There’s a natural synergy, I think, between gardeners and farmers that is celebrated at the market.

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