The Five “First Gardeners”

According to a 2009 post over at, the five first ladies most committed to gardening at The White House include:

5. Patricia Nixon, wife of Richard Nixon, who organized the first garden tours at the president’s residence
4. Edith Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson, who kept sheep on the grounds
3. Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, who re-installed and expanded the home’s WWII-era vegetable garden
2. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Roosevelt, who insisted upon the creation of a victory garden during WWII
1. Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, who planted the first fruits and vegetables at The White House

This seems about right to me.


  1. I think Lady Bird Johnson should be mentioned here. She was instrumental in the movement for planting native wildflowers in Texas.

    • I agree, though I think the original blogger who came up with this list was limiting the criteria to projects on the grounds of the White House.

      Still, as a Texan, I say point well taken.

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