Ready for Their Close-Ups: Gardens on the Big Screen

That scene where Vito plays with his grandson before he succumbs to a heart attack at the end of The Godfather is a classic. And then there’s that ample, over-ripe garden from It’s Complicated that caused a stir: many gardeners complained that it was fake and therefore misleading for would-be gardeners who might think they, too, could grow veggies like that.

But that’s one of the great thing about cinema, right? Everything is bigger and better in fiction.

This morning, I asked on Twitter and Facebook which garden everyone would prefer (the one in The Godfather or the one in It’s Complicated and assuming both to be real and organic), and the later won out. But I’m with @txvideot on this question. I prefer those juicy tomatoes that Vito raised, though I’ll definitely skip out on whatever he was spraying them with. And I increasingly like the simplicity of just a few kinds of plants well-cultivated.

Are there other cinematic, American gardens that make you swoon? Do tell!