“The Poop” From a Reader

This came in yesterday, from a reader named Mike:

I am competing for a Pepsi grant to take organic waste generated by my local community grocery stores, businesses etc. and make vermicompost, reducing at least 20 tons of waste from going to our local landfills. (All in a solar-powered facility). My idea is to “Make solar-powered wormpoop (vermicompost) from organic waste.” This is an idea that I think you would be interested in supporting. I only have until Sept. 30th to get as many votes as possible.

To find out more please go to www.refresheverything.com/wormpoop. You will find my project in the Planet category. Once you have signed in, you can vote each day. Every vote counts. If you like my idea, tell your colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family and they can vote as well. My hope is to eventually start a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability and waste reduction.

You can also find more about my project on my facebook page Help-Mike-Make-Poop. I would appreciate your support.