Links from our October TEDx Talk

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Now that the video is up on YouTube, someone requested via Facebook that we share some links of the orgs we mentioned in the vid description.

Holly and I can’t really do that (we don’t have editing privileges on the TEDx account), except via comments– and then won’t let you link to so many orgs at once.

So, this is the next best thing.

National: – Holly’s non-profit – Pamela’s pro-garden hub – The Chicago Victory Garden group coordinated by LaManda Joy of The Yarden – The association that connects gardeners with pantries – Eve Sibley’s garden group – Garden advice for apartment dwellers

In San Antonio: – Milberger’s Gardening South Texas radio show (scroll down) – A group hoping to revive interest in the Texas governors mansion “origin story”

Additional faves of mine include Growing a Greener World (on PBS) and Kitchen Gardeners International. (They were both mentioned in the original speech, which was trimmed for time.)

If I missed anyone, please drop a note.



  1. Can you post the link or put it in the comments for the container gardening site that Holly mentioned?

    I enjoyed watching the presention on FB. It was filled with information. You both did a wonderful job!!

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