Kid Power!: Classic Victory Garden Images and Resources for Kids

It doesn’t take a superhero to grow a garden. Just a willingness to learn and collaborate with other people and Mother Nature’s forces.

Although the push for school gardens was mighty in the first half of the 20th century, most the pro-garden posters with which we are now most familiar feature veggies and/or target women. I love that this super hero image clearly targets young boys… and, well, their mothers who have a thing for Batman. (Guilty!)

A proud lad and his school garden loot.

Of course, WWII-era kids had good ol’ Barney Bear and his victory garden, too.

I suppose you could regard all these as precursors to Plants vs. Zombies?

If you’re interested in bringing the story of victory gardening into your classroom or home learning environment, then I highly recommend that you visit

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  1. Do you know where we can get the great super-hero victory garden poster/print shown here? Sure love to ad it to my collection. Thanks. 🙂

    • It’s a comic book cover. You might see if you can find a comic book collector’s site, although I anticipate that it’d be expensive.

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