Happy (Belated) Pi Day!

Having tweeted this earlier today:

[@redwhiteandgrew] is making a lemon chess pie (my ma’s recipe), watching a butterfly indulge himself in the bluebonnets #hillcountry

I got this note from the nice folks at Pillsbury (@Love_the_Pie):

@redwhiteandgrew Yum! What a great afternoon. We’d love to see a photo of your Lemon Chess Pie!

So, in order of Pi Day (yeah, I’m a day late) and because I did in fact use a refrigerated crust this go ’round, I’m sharing a photo:

The bluebonnets are homegrown. The little bottle? A salvaged glass vanilla extract container. (Sorry, but I’m not into butterfly wrangling.)

Bonus shot of savory cheese grits, which I’ve been chatting about over on Facebook with a few RW&G fans:

Bon appetite, y’all!

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