Got Lemons? Plant Lavender and Make Lavender Lemonade

It’s been almost 3 years since we dug our small victory garden out back.

This is what the backyard looked like before we planted the veggie bed:


Of course, if you look up at the banner, you’ll see what it looked like in full bloom during 2010.

Just look fast because I’m going to change that banner this year if it kills me. It was really a placeholder when I moved the blog to and then all heck broke loose with Mom’s health. I still want it to reflect more of my interest in the intersection of victory gardening and propaganda art.

Like the blog, the garden needs tweaking, too. Fortunately, it’s spring, so the time is right to do that.

Although I envisioned that I’d have expanded it by now, all kinds of forces–my paid writing, raising a kid, volunteering first for our local farmers market and then for our local food policy council, being a long-distance caregiver, moving my mom here not to mention drought and my concern that my garden not suck up precious natural resources just so I can feel smug about my mad food growing skillz–have shaped it to look about like it did that first year when we put the kit up from Gardener’s Supply. Sigh.

Except for a strip near the fence that I assembled using Esther Dean’s No-dig garden approach.

This is what a section of that strip looked like shortly after the garden and blog were mentioned on CNN in a story about “recession gardens” (ick, that name):

Let me tell you now that for all the lovely press that came after its arrival, that strip has been a thorn in my side every darn season. It’s a lemon, y’all.

So I’m gonna cut it loose from the chains that bound it (namely wild morning glory, bugs, being too hot and dry, and my headstrong notion that I could grow food from the fool thing) and give it a new life as… a lavender garden.

Having obtained input (aka “blessing”) from the awesome RW&G crew on Facebook (okay, well I gotta research the hill country fungus problem mentioned by Christina), I’m going to rip out those weeds and plant lavender, #$^# it. Why not? It grows brilliantly in the area. It has medicinal uses and a sprig or two in the vacuum–along with splash of lemon oil–can chase away the blues on the bluest of days.

Did I mention the lavender lemonade?

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