Scenes from The Spring Garden: Lost But Found

These are  a few photos of “found objects” repurposed for the garden. I’ve begun to think of our garden space as a “temporary installation,” a place where I’m reminded of just how temporary and precious life is.

Items once scattered but now regrouped.

Precious found things
The tags still on these angels from my mother's house.
A labyrinth inspired by a photo in a friend's feed. (I've always wanted a labyrinth!)

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  1. Seeing the old hornetss nests prompted me to say that we shouldn’t kill or get rid of all the wasp-type critturs. They have a job to do in the garden and that is to help us get rid of worms that eat our plants. The mud-dobber’s job is to get rid of black widow and brown recluse spiders…so don’t tear their nests down just because they don’t seem to fit the decor.

    • We have a certain amount of live-and-let-live re: nests away from the house but we also have them accumulating in an area where small children play. Definitely not a “decor” issue with these but one of safety. (Our son was once stung multiple times in the face.)

  2. Oh the angels are incredible. So glad to see other people who are as thrilled about salvage and rusty and rustic junque as I am.

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