The First Clue? The Tiny Green Grenades

Granted the picture is terrifically out of focus. (I didn’t realize that until I’d uploaded the photos.) And, to be honest, the first clue was actually the gnawed-upon tomato plant.

But play along with me, will y’all?

I’ll make the picture tiny so your eyes won’t bug out.

Now, when I first mentioned this over on Facebook, a couple of you realized right away what made these. At least one of you agreed with me: It’s way to early to see ’em out yet. But it’s been ridiculously hot here, we’ve had ’em before (meaning that their eggs are in the soil) and so… voila!

Still not clued in yet?

Let’s play a game of seek-and-find. (This is fitting as it is Easter weekend and all, right?)

There’s two critters in the following picture. One is grey and sweet and purrr-ty. The other is a green and white menace.

See it? One more pic, this one an extreme close-up.

Yup, it’s a Tomato Hornworm.

Lovely, eh? And what a whopper!

Having, ahem, removed him, I’ve sprayed the tomato plants with garlic spray–being careful not to get the spray on the tiny buds.

Surely you didn’t think that I’d want to eat it, did you?


‘night all.

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  1. Ewww. Scary. I had no idea and we have scorpions, a bee hive of 2-4,000 that swarmed in our back yard last week and stung huz 10 times, giant daddy long legs, etc. Thank you.

    • I sort of love long legs, but you can keep the scorpions. Where’d the bees come from?

    • We do what we can, ma’am, to live up to the “everything is bigger in Texas” saying.

    • We have a terrible time with birds eating seeds. And something keeps eating the zinnias–seeds and starts alike. I’m kind of booked the next couple of weeks, but when things clear out, I’m going to plant some larger zinnias grown in a local greenhouse.

    • Alicia – I purchased mine at Schultz’s on Broadway, but you can make your own. Several recipes online. Just ask Dr. Google. =) I’m not actually sure it works, so I’ll need to get some diatomaceous earth. Also, you can add ladybugs to your yard. I hear that they eat the eggs. But we have a lot of ladybugs, so I have my doubts about that.

      IMO, hand removal is the best option, but you have to be diligent.

  2. People eat those?! If I had found that in my yard, the next noise would be a grown man hollering and the sound of something being beaten with a shovel.

    • I try real hard not to judge other people’s foods, but I might break that rule in this instance. It just sounds nasty.

  3. Last year, I picked a full gross (yep, 12×12) of these durn things off my tomatoes and potatoes. Got really good at SQUISHING them, too. Not looking forward to this year’s onslaught. Thanks for the warning!

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