Three Fresh Garden Ideas: No Dig

We’re at the end of the series!

This video is from Australia–where the Esther Dean developed her no dig technique, check out this video:

There are lots of different “recipes” for no dig gardens. (In America, many folks refer to them as “lasagna gardens,” a term created by Patricia Lanza.) A couple of years ago I wrote up instructions on building a no dig garden in Central Texas. If you go to this page and scroll down, you’ll see it.

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Three Fresh Garden Ideas: No Dig

3 thoughts on “Three Fresh Garden Ideas: No Dig

  1. This is the very best way to garden!! And his raised beds in the video look just like mine =) It is easy for even a woman to do and it also keeps the carbons in the soil where they are needed. Thanks for sharing!! xxooxx

  2. Nice! I remember double-digging not so fondly and this seems like it could be a great alternative. I will have to give it a try someday when I have land to farm/garden again.

    1. poprice says:

      It’s such a simple, brilliant idea. A few years ago, the LA Times had a story on no-dig gardens put on top of concrete. Very cool.

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