RW&G Friends Friday

Good morning, everyone!

A few of the RW&G Facebook Crew thought it might be fun to host a weekly chat here, a time to showcase what we’re all up to in our gardens and on our blogs. Some weeks we’ll have themes, other weeks it’ll be free form chat. Where will this lead? We’ll see what happens as we move forward this summer.

For this first week, y’all are invited to introduce yourself and/or share links to your own garden-relevant posts, blogs, Etsy sites, or social media accounts. This conversation is about real people connecting and sharing ideas and information, not primarily “selling” manufactured things, so I will reserve the right to edit out any shameless spam.

(Actually, I have a pretty good spam filter in place, so if you do share a link, you might want to pull off the http:// portion of your site link so you don’t get blocked.)

Alright. That sums it up. Now click on comments and tell us about you, your garden, your interest in “victory gardening,” etc. You can use a nom de web rather than your real name, if you prefer.

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  1. I’m Maggie Lawrence, host of Backyard Wisdom which is a five minute weekly gardening podcast. I am in Alabama and focus on Southern gardening and nature. You can read my posts and listen to podcasts at my website– Also you can follow me on twitter @backyardwisdom or on Facebook at backyard wisdom.

    I work in communications for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System– I am also an active Master Gardener in my county.

    I call myself a lazy gardener because as a working mom of a preteen I don’t have time to coddle plants. The only things you will find in my garden are plants that can handle a little neglect sometimes–except for my container vegetable garden.

    I appreciate Pam coming up with this idea and hosting here at Red,White and Grew. I look forward to meeting new folks and chatting plants and other garden topics with you.

    • Hey, Maggie. I’m a lazy gardener, too. And I’d forgotten that you are an MG!

  2. Hi! I’m Allyson, fondly known as RevAlly among my friends. I am currently in seminary, set to graduate and be ordained on June 12th. I have several blogs and often post up stuff about gardens, but our new home is being called “Our Freehold” and so will include posts about our garden, our orchard, and our interaction with our five acres of privacy. I’m not a leader of any kind, although I enjoy taking the forefront when it’s offered to me. I’ve been gardening on a small scale all my life, and the past three years I’ve lived on a small farm with a full acre of garden which we used to be as self sufficient as possible. Though the experiment failed, we learned a LOT from it!

    In our new home we’ll be working on a container basis rather than in-ground for a number of reasons. The soil isn’t as good as at our small farm, so we’ve decided to gather together containers (hopefully those pretty metal stock tanks!) and line them up in the area where we’d plow if it weren’t so packed down from loggers driving over it. 😉

  3. Good morning! It isn’t raining and looks to be another warm day!
    I write for the Examiner,com and have my own blog at

    Our garden is the yard and alley of a duplex built in 1950. Thankfully we have a gardening landlord who has given me permission to do “whatever” as long as it “isn’t red”. We have raised beds and several large pots with dwarf fruit and nuts trees in the front yard, are converting the flower beds to mixed veg and flowers and a small greenhouse. The alley has raised beds, the compost and recycling bins and, of course our car. The garden is a pleasure and with the way the economy is a necessity. We are frugal, getting many materials for free from Craigs list and Freecycle, exchanging plants and seeds with other gardeners.
    Thanks for your great blog and the opportunity to meet like minded folks.

  4. Hi everyone! First of all, thanks so much to Pam for generously allowing us to introduce ourselves. I’m Julie, owner of Garden Delights nursery, which specializes in organic, sustainably grown heirloom plants. I write, which is my ramblings about our little microfarm, edible landscapes, and gardening with children. It’s always a little nutty around our place…we don’t live on a typical farm. We live in a subdivision…with a homeowners’ association…on less than an acre. But we have numerous edibles incorporated throughout the landscape, several kitchen gardens, a couple greenhouses, a forest garden, a culinary and a medicinal herbal gardens…and now chickens! I had the pleasure of participating in the nation’s first Slow Food Earth Market yesterday–and am just thrilled by the interest and support in the community for clean, healthy, heirloom food. Oh–I’m a MG and support 13 school gardens, which is absolutely one of my favorite things to do, teaching kids how to grow food. Our little microfarm will be part of a farm tour in two weeks, chosen to showcase how a normal family can grow delicious food in home gardens–and I’m a nervous wreck! So much to do!

    I’m excited to meet you all, and look forward to reading your blogs and learning more about your own victory gardens! Happy growing!


    • Hey, Julie. Your comment was sent to the spam folder and I just found it. Sorry!

  5. Hi! I’m Angeline and I write about women in farming, food, and sustainable living at – things are a bit light right now due to total moving overload but I should be back to a regular schedule soon. I’ve just moved back to Tulsa after 15 years on the West Coast (SanFran and Seattle areas) and I’m working with my dad in his 1-acre mini-farm on the outskirts of the city. We’re also building a small kitchen garden in my parents’ side yard, and periodic garden/farm reports can be found here: Anyone else in Tulsa? Stop by and say hi!

  6. I share my adventures in thrifty living, largely centered around gardening at . Despite having four kids to keep my plenty busy, or maybe because of them, since I have to keep them fed somehow and we can only cough up about $30 a week in groceries, I’m attempting to turn our trailer park lot into a mini-homestead. I share weekly photo updates, recipes, tips and tricks, random things I try (that may or may not work, but I let you know the results!), and anything else that crosses my mind that may help save some money in my daily blog posts. Adventures of a Thrifty Mama can also be found on Facebook, where I share any non-me links that look useful to saving money and living better.

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