This Dang Texas Drought Is Serious Business…

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… But it keeps getting overshadowed by other weather news stories, like those dreadful tornadoes we’ve seen lately.

Amazing that we’re just a few hours from so much rain, but it’s bone dry in our yard. Big ol’ cracks. They say it’s going to get worse. Sigh.

This CBS News story spells out how, eventually, you may pay more dearly for your  meat–thanks to our drought.

Here’s another video on the topic from NBC Nightly News.



  1. We’re all going to be paying a lot more for *everything* very soon. You know those floods? That was our corn crop, our soy bean crop. “Our” referring to the United States and beyond. Those fields won’t be ready for planting again until next year … if we’re lucky. Millions of acres of our most prime farmland just got swamped, literally. That means the price of everything made with corn and soy (you know, like every processed food in existence??) will be more expensive.

    Sorry, not yelling at you Pamela. It’s just that people don’t seem to get it. Drought in one place and flood waters in another means that our entire food supply is about to become very scarce. Scarcity equals higher prices. And of course this is the year I’m stuck with a broken ankle and unable to run my garden the way I want to. I feel helpless, because there won’t be nearly as much (or enough) in our freezer come winter. 😦

  2. I know you’re not yelling, Allyson. And I totally agree with what you’ve said here. Actually was hoping that someone would “go there” as you have with your spot-on comments. Thank you. =)

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