TEDx Talk: Robyn O’Brien’s “Patriotism on a Plate”

Shared this once twice this week via social media, but I just really feel this talk by Allergy Kids Foundation founder/author Robyn O’Brien needed to be included here on the blog.

I’ll disclose that I can relate to her experience not only because she’s a blond, over-achieving Texan with a TEDx talk but also because my child has a dangerous food allergy.

Please help us share the importance of taking food allergies seriously. Post this talk to your social media feeds.

Oh, and speaking of patriotic plates, be sure to check out this link, shared by O’Brien earlier this week on Twitter. You’ll see in the link that if the USDA wants us to take the aforementioned plate diagram seriously, then we’re going to have to rethink where our government spends money on subsidies. Related story here, too, in which Mark Bittman shares Roger Doiron’s sketch of what the White House victory vegetable garden would look like if it reflected how US spends its money on agriculture.

Of course, we could encourage this again, you know.

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