Are You a “Typical” Victory Gardener?

Love this new graphic by Mother Nature Network that I just found over on

The data originated with research conducted by the National Gardening Association, but it’s great to see the information represented graphically. Love to see that this is largely a gal-driven grassroots movement, although we don’t really hear enough in the mainstream and local media outlets about gal gardeners. But that’s just my two cents…

What about you? Do you see yourself reflected in this graphic? Do tell here, on Facebook or on Twitter.


  1. Well… I’m 40, female, and just graduated from seminary. 🙂 I guess that means I mostly fit the average. Though I don’t have a garden this year (sigh… I hate moving), I have my tomato plants in pots, and some peppers. It isn’t a lot, but I see tomato sauce in my future. 🙂

  2. A tomato sauce recipe? Hm… skin the tomatoes in boiling water bath… cut them up and dump them into a big pot with fresh herbs from the garden… add a dash of hot sauce (literally JUST a dash) and maybe a bit of tomato paste. Simmer until sauce-like. I sometimes sweeten a bit with honey to cut the acidic flavor, and sometimes I add a bit of salt and pepper. It really depends what I have growing in the herb garden, y’know? lol

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