Texas Hill Country Peaches in a Jar

Might get in a mess of trouble with fellow Central Texans deprived of their annual peach bounty due to the freeze, but I’m sharing this picture of our 2011 harvest.

Mind  you, these come from the half of the neighbor’s tree that extends over our fence.

They were smaller this year than last, as you can see from last year’s harvest photo.

Yet we couldn’t eat them all fast enough, so we surrendered part of our bounty to a friend’s husband who gave us these in return:

The jam is heavenly. He used an old-fashioned recipe–no Sure Jell for him!

Personally, I like to savor it atop a cracker and smooth, creamy cheese. That way it’s a bit like eating the world’s tiniest homemade peach cheesecake. Mmmm…

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