Friends Friday: Food Independence Day Recipe Swap

This is a photo of one of my fave recipes, a summer salad featuring chunks of cucumber, tomato and onion with a simple dressing of vinegar and oil.

My mother made it regularly when I was growing up. Sometimes the tomatoes came from our own garden. (She raised the Porter variety favored by her father.) The cucumbers were often purchased at roadside market stands.

Having grown fond of Greek food as an adult, I often sub bottled Greek dressing for the simple vinaigrette that Mom was fond of whipping up. In this photo you see snips of herbs from our garden.

Do you have fave old family recipes featuring homegrown or local produce? Have you tinkered with it?

I’d love to hear about your favorite summer recipes here, on your own blogs (links to your blogs are welcome in Comments), or on Facebook or Twitter.

With Food Independence Day on the horizon, it’d be great if you’d share your recipes and stories with your friends, in real life and online.