An Easy Way to Refresh Wilted Greens

Credit the kitchen’s fluorescent lights with the faint yellow cast–these greens were much more verdant when I snapped this shot.

They were also much more wilted at one point.

See, I picked them up at the last minute of a farmer’s market on a scorching Saturday. I dragged them home and left them on the counter. The next day I got my wits about me, snipped off the tips of this bundle of Swiss chard, and put it in a container (the same one that my maternal grandmother stored celery!) filled with water, ice cubes, and 1 tsp of white vinegar.

By the time the water melted… VOILA!… these greens were lush again.

You can use this method with broccoli, too. Just slice the ends and slice the heads in half, allowing them to soak up the water.

Easy-peasy. And they look sort of attractive on the kitchen counter!

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  1. Another one to use, is if you pick up (or cut yourself) a bunch of herbs from the garden, store them in the fridge **in a glass of water**. You can keep herbs looking fresh and spiffy for a couple of weeks that way, if need be. Works on parsley, cilantro, dill, oregano, and I’m sure others (those are the ones I’ve personally done). 🙂

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