Fuming Over the Michigan Case Against Julie Bass?

She’s the lady that might go to jail for 93 days because of her front-lawn victory vegetable garden. Lots of buzz about her online this weekend, and with good cause.

Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing that Holly Hirshberg of The Dinner Garden (UPDATE: Holly is a CNN HERO!) and I were hoping our 2010 TEDx San Antonio talk could prevent. We really do need communities to have the conversations–“food charrettes,” which I first wrote about in 2009 and which have happened since then in some places–that we proposed in our talk. We need to look at and remove barriers (ex. restrictive or vague laws) proactively so other gardeners don’t find serious trouble accidentally.

See, with a double-dip recession possible, this kind of scenario may happen again and again elsewhere if we don’t begin to have the conversations that we need to suss out obstacles (and opportunities) for home gardeners.

To refresh your memory about our talk, here’s the 20 min. video. (To watch on YouTube, click here. You can also embed the video on your own site.)

If you’ve seen it before, you can jump to 7:02 to revisit the part about charrettes.

UPDATE: Interested in helping gardener Julie Bass? There’s an online petition drive going now.

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