C’mon Irene, Ta-Loo-Ra-Aye: The Hurricane Please Keep Weakening Song

If you’re of a certain age, you got the tune from the heading. You also might be cursing me for the new earworm for the rest of today. (Sorry!)

For the ’80s music challenged, go listen to some Dexy’s Midnight Runners real quick.

And, now, I present the new chorus lyrics. Feel free to change up the rest of the lyrics to share!


Come on Irene, what I swear (what she means)
At this moment, you keep weak’ning
With you spinning West my thoughts I confess
Verge on surges
Ah, come on Irene

Lightheartedness aside, this storm could prove to be a monster. So keep praying/singing/chanting that she weakens and remember that lots of agencies are going to need your support.

Consider a donation to the Red Cross or the non-profit of your choice.

Even a weak Irene can leave serious destruction along the East Coast.


    • Mea culpa, JuJuBee. I sorta hoped that if I shared the words in my head, I’d lose the music in my ears. Didn’t happen. I think I made it worse.

      As for the storm, I can only watch info in limited amounts. A turn isn’t looking likely, but a storm can weaken fairly quickly. Please, oh, please.

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