Show & Tell Saturday

The idea of “show and tell” is a great one, especially if kids share their own original, creative projects.

In that spirit and in honor of the new Homegrown Kids stuff here at RW&G, I thought we’d share some of Tater Tot’s work.

Background: Because our home education work is rooted in the Reggio Emilia approach, we’ve always prized handmade over pre-fab stuff like coloring sheets. Lately, in hopes of improving his art-making skills, I’ve insisted that he do the bulk of his cutting with scissors by himself. This met with a little bit of resistance in part because he hadn’t yet learned how to hold the scissors correctly. (Mea culpa.) Then this week, after a little scissor tutorial and while watching a tribute to Steve Jobs , Tater started cutting out little gadgets and gizmos. And he cut out every single one of them himself.

Here they are, with some additional reporting by Tater:

A "C-O" designed by Tater, complete with a stylus.
Alternate view of "C-O"
A "Kid's X machine" for "detection... radar and sonor."
A "DX X-Poke" modeled on Pokemon
A BNL box from "Wall-E," made "out of paper" and using non-standard measurements "except for the top. I used a ruler for that."

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  1. 😀

    I used to teach at a preschool (spent years teaching preschool, just referring to one of them) with a strong R-E influence, but we found that some basic skills just sometimes need practice, so we’d draw spirals on paper plates (which are easier for beginners to cut than thinner paper) and leave them in a basket so kids wandering by could cut “snakes” if they wanted to. It seemed to give them the nudge, a reminder that cutting wasn’t some impossible Big Kid task they’d never reach.

    I am so looking forward to homeschool 🙂

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