In Celebration of “Woman Food”

I love the concept of “woman food” described by Dr. Pam Peeke in her Fight Fat After Forty book. Basically, it’s food that is top-quality and nutrient-rich. It creates energy and stamina–exactly what we need to raise a family, do our work, and take care of our parents.

In pursuit of more woman food in my own life, I made some photos to share of what it looks like.


Because we gals (and guys) are inundated with images of fast food constantly, it’s time to give “real food” wider exposure.

Tossed salad with lean turkey, almonds, pepper rings to carry to playdate in park.
Cut-up organic fruit in vintage cups make for a quick breakfast (add some protein) or a snack.
"Woman food" is also great "family food." Featured here is veggie Frito pie with low-salt chips and a tiny bit of cheese. Tip: shredded carrots yield a "meaty" texture. To drink? Pomegranate juice in sparkling water.