This Firetruck Has a Secret

Working on a story this week for print publication, I snapped these pics of an old firetruck with a new lease on life.

Before all is revealed, here a few photos of the vehicle:

Okay, are you ready…

Well, hold off just a second.

I want to share the “best guess”–made by a long-time RW&G Facebook fan–as to what secret this truck is hiding. It’s from Maggie at Backyard Wisdom:

Don’t know it’s secret! But I can tell that it’s a pumper truck and hubby would tell you manufacturer and approx. year model. Things you learn married to a retire battalion fire chief.

Within a few minutes, she added:

On second look—I think I do know the secret. Is that a cooking box in back where that apparent vent is?

Okay, everyone… here it is…

Yup, it’s a pizza oven! Cool, huh?

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7 responses to “This Firetruck Has a Secret

  1. pizza oven firetruck? and just when i think i’ve seen it all… 😉

  2. poprice

    Seriously! I’d heard about it but not seen it in person. It’s pretty cool.

  3. What a cool truck. My son would love it!

  4. That’s fabulous!!! I’d love it even if it didn’t hold that secret goodness! Old firetrucks are cool!

    • poprice

      There is something charming about them, Jamie. I agree.

      I also feel that I have an obligation to my readers to sample pizza from the oven and report back!

  5. That is awesome! The pizza there is SO delicious- so it makes sense that they would want to mobilize the food in a cool way.