Quick Review: “My City Tree Cares for Me” by Margaret Hall Spencer

Update: This book will be the April 2012 featured book giveaway at RedWhiteandGrew.com. Look for the contest details and registration to get rolling on Monday, April 2.

This  book came to Tater through the mail recently, and I think it’s adorable!

The author, Margaret Hall Spencer, is a certified arborist–making her especially well-suited to educating young children about trees. The premise is straightforward: a young girl moves to the city where a tree (and an acorn!) introduce her to the important and various roles that trees play in city environments.

Props, too, to illustrator Gail Yerrill. I have to confess that, of all the illustrations, the acorn most makes me swoon.

The book is available via my Amazon store in print and (naturally) via Kindle.

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  1. Fantastic.I am buying this book for my grand daughter who lives in the city.Thanks so much for introducing me to it.

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