Show & Tell Saturday

I’m thinking this will be a weekly feature, the rounding up and sharing of photos that reflect our “week that was.”

First up in the slideshow, pics of a really cool “haunted house” made entirely of recycled materials at the Whole Foods in Austin. Tater and I have plans to do something similar to this.

Next up are selected pics from our trip to Barton Creek in Austin. It was a gorgeous day. We had a lot of fun just hanging out on the water, discussing the world around us. Important stuff, you know, like how and why when Tater agitated the dirt and water in the creek, the sediment would rise up and disperse in a way evocative of gas.

You’ll note from the last shot, that I’m not one to worry about wet jeans or dirty toes. Kids need to experience nature up close–and get a little dirty.

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The best shot of the day–well, the second best shot (behind the foot, which I love)–went up yesterday on my Facebook page. Love my FB fans!

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