We’ve Got Pancakes for DAYS, Y’all

This morning I was all amped up to make apple-whole wheat pancakes. Don’t get too excited. It was a mix, after all.

Somehow in my hunger excitement I forgot to pop on my cheaters (a.k.a. reading glasses). Which is how I wound up trying to mix the freakin’ whole box at once with just 2/3 cup of water. I’d subbed “1 box” for “1 cup.” Fortunately, I hadn’t added the egg yet. But it was all laying there in the bowl like a pile of dusty mud.

Sweet cheeses, the perils of middle-aged presbyopia.

To fix it, I scooped out enough to fill a cup and proceeded. Then I went back and salvaged the rest, carefully scooping out one cup at a time. We wound up with a LOT of pancakes, especially for a household of only 3 people.

We happen to prefer thin pancakes because they brown nicely and freeze beautifully. That’s where the beauties pictured above, sandwiched between layers of wax paper and popped into Ziploc bags, are headed–to the freezer. We can heat them up in a skillet for a snappy morning breakfast.

Crisis resolved!

That’s one of the advantages of middle age, you know. When faced with a challenge, you’re a lot more adept at surmounting it. Or so I like to tell myself.

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