Anatomy Study at Halloween: Perfect Together

Halloween is a wickedly wonderful time to talk about human anatomy. Think about it. All that ooey, gooey stuff and those clanking skeletons. Frankenstein and his many, er, constituent parts. Ichabod and his head transplant.

I’m not kidding, y’all.

I’m deadly serious. Mwahahahahaha.

Some fun anatomy-themed resources:

• Toad Haven Homeschool has a remarkable working model of a lung activity.
• From the aptly-named Habits of the Heart, how to make a model of a heart.
• The Winecup Christian Academy did a bang-up job making “fake” blood with all kinds of nifty sweet stuff. (Just please don’t try to eat the stuff. YECH!)
• Your li’l zombies can eat “brains” thanks to this really cool Family Fun recipe.
• Older kids–or gifted young kids–may enjoy this interactive anatomy site from the BBC. (This was a big hit at our house!)

Finally… la piece de la resistance… Dem Bones, Dem Bones in a video!

If this stuff is up your alley, then drop back by RW&G on Thursday for another dash of good ol’ Ichabod Crane (pictured up top with his buddy, Brom Bones the Headless Horseman).

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