Sweet Cheeses! Pancake Rolls

Remember when I forgot my glasses, messed up the pancake mix, and cried “Sweet cheeses!”

Well, that’s one of my favorite faux curse words. I got it from Tater, who apparently misunderstood something else that I said when someone practically ran us off the road. But then I fell for “sweet cheeses” and have this crazy dream that it’ll some day have it’s own hash following: #sweetcheeses.

It’ll be just for parents that have to let off a little steam. (It happens.)

“Sweet cheeses” also makes a cute name for these pancake rolls that I made up with the aforementioned pancakes.  All you need is one thin whole wheat pancake, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, and a teaspoon of fig preserves. Spread the cheese in the middle of the cake. Spoon on the preserve, and roll it all up. Serve with a sliced pear and you’ve got a yummy breakfast, lunch or snack.

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Sweet Cheeses! Pancake Rolls