Quick, Easy & Tasty Halloween Vittles (Kid Friendly!)

I’ll let the black cat outta the bag… Pinterest shaped this year’s annual Halloween luncheon. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve got on the table right now:

Witch's Hats: A kiss "glued" to a Fudge Stripe cookie with frosting

Lemon cupcakes (swap out oil with applesauce!) with cream cheese frosting and obligatory candy corn
Monster Toes, aka Pigs-in-Blankets
Ghoulish Graveyard: Mix hummus and guacamole in blender. Top with pretzels, crackers, and celery trees.
Pre-party hijinks
Full spread
Another view. That's my mother's punch bowl.

And one more shot… a video of my Halloween display.

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Quick, Easy & Tasty Halloween Vittles (Kid Friendly!)

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