A Glimpse at Our Homeschool Supplies

Our supplies are scattered throughout the house, but these shots were made near the kitchen table. We keep them there for easy access–and art making.

You’ll see that there’s a mix of new and old. We have done quite a bit of repurposing. Take for instance these old soda crates.

The top portion holds markers, pens, crayons, etcetera. The bottom section? There’s assorted papers, folders and other large-format items.

The brushes below? Most of those were a “gift” from my mom, who was an artist before arthritis crippled her so badly that she can no longer hold a brush.

For most of his life, we’ve restricted Tater to washable markers and crayons to minimize trouble. For this reason, he was very excited to get a big box of colored pencils:

What about your house? What interesting things do you keep kid-accessible in your home–for homeschool or after school use?

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  1. Alright…I’ll try to just list a few….it’ll be hard! Compter games, board games, tons of books, stickers, sand, containers for water, food coloring, cameras and tape recorders, pinecones, glue and glitter, rocks, science kits, microscopes, pasta, maze and I Spy books, vinegar and baking soda, felt and scraps of fabric….ok, I’ll stop now 🙂

  2. Ok I just want to gather up all of these supplies and bring them home with me. Love the crates! Love it all. I don’t think there are many things more awesome than art supplies!

  3. Art supplies…. homeschool catalogs… they’re my catnip!

    Thanks for the notes, ladies.

    I should make a photo of my grandmother’s pie safe next. The bottom is loaded with boxes full of clay, beds, paint (washable!), stamps and (washable!) ink, and the most interesting box of all… the one labeled “miscellaneous”!

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