Bird is the Word

Am rather pleased with this year’s turkey, all things considered.

I’ll confess that it was a freebie from the grocery, a “gift with purchase” that came with a sliced spiral ham. (Most of the ham is now frozen in my freezer, awaiting transformation into split pea soup.) Alas, the bird was neither local nor organic, but having spent much of the last week making trips back and forth to the specialty hospital for my Mom (who had a horrible, horrible week), I really didn’t have time or energy to make the perfect 100% local Thanksgiving feast. Convenience became critical this year, to saving the meal and my sanity.

Fortunately, I’d made the lima beans, pie, stuffing et al and froze it in advance, much of it before Mom’s hospitalization.

This year I brined the 10 lb. bird overnight, using the Herb Brining Kit from Fire & Flavor. It comes with a brine bag, y’all! Crazy easy. Not one to stick hard-and-fast to the rules, I used apple cider vinegar in my brine and added a cup of white cooking wine.

When it came time to roast, I used a whole lotta (local) butter. (A family friend swears by the butter and wine.) The liquid in the roasting pan was chicken broth; just a cup.  I stuffed the cavity with onion, lemon, rosemary and garlic–just like the way I make roasted chicken. Then I cooked it breast down for two hours at 350 degrees, flipped it over, and roasted it another 1.5 hours.

It was delicious–as I hope your meal was, too. I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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