Bah-Humbug, Black Friday: I’m Learning How to Crochet!

Anyone planning to make something today rather than spend, spend, spend?

Earlier this month, I decided to learn to crochet–with the help of a kit and the Internet.

The first attempt was sort of a disaster, but I stuck with it and created a laughable workable small scarf for my son:

The second attempt at crocheting a scarf went much better, as you can see:

I can hardly wait to see how the third one turns out:

Yet I can’t help but think of Caravaggio’s Narcissus when I gaze in wonder at my own handwork, modest though it may be.

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  1. I cross stitch and cook and can and such, and we often give away our handiworks for the holidays. Two years ago it was soap made by my sis and lovingly had wrapped in scraps of quilt fabric. We’ve also made ornaments to use as decorations on presents, using the plain empty glass ones from the previous year’s sales, and you drip paint into them and swirl it around, then let them dry over a dixie cup. They’re quite beautiful! I’m making Scottish shortbread this year, though, despite the cost. I have a beautiful ceramic pan for cooking it in, and the flavor and texture is just scrumptuous!

    Today, though, all we’re making is soup from yesterday’s turkey leavings. Well, more accurately I’m making stock, from the carcass, but that will be turned into soup later. I make it with the onion, carrot and potato peels (washed, of course), the bones and scraps and skin of the left-over turkey, and sometimes I’ll throw in gravy, although this year’s turned out so well I wasn’t willing to “waste” it on the broth. 😉

  2. Allyson – You always leave the best notes! Love the story about the soup, though I first read it as “soap” and was confused for a few seconds. LOL!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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