Postcards from the Past #1

Someone on my Facebook page described this girl as "poetic." I agree.

Starting this week and each week through 2012, I’ll be sharing part of my maternal grandfather’s postcard collection which dates back to the early 1900s.

Most of them were mailed to him at his home in Nebraska. It’s  my understanding that he lived in the Doniphan and Hastings area before relocating to Pearland, Texas. The one that appears below was sent to him as he prepared for service in the First World War.

My mother says that her  mother received the cards in a box from her mother-in-law with instructions to toss them. My family being packrats by nature, she held on to them and gave them to my mom, who held on to them along with his World War I diary. The cards are treasured here, I assure you.

And now, thanks to the Internet, I can share them with my extended family and the world.

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    • Thanks for the note, Christina. It’s pretty awesome. And there’s even a secret admirer in the mix, making it all the more fun.

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