Bugs and Buttons: An Adorable iPad App for 4 to 7 Year Old Kids

To be honest, the visuals of most educational apps leave me cold.

Given the technology around today, kids should experience rich, lush, life-like details as they learn basics like patterning and counting and develop fine motor skills. Thankfully, the Bugs and Buttons app by Little Bit Studios, LLC  is as aesthetically satisfying as it is educationally relevant.

It’s so lovely, in fact, that gifted learners and older kids may be sufficiently enchanted to give the app a whirl long after they’ve mastered the skills that the game teaches. (That’s code for: “Yeah, I’m 41, and I play it, too.”)

Some screenshots:

The photos don’t do the app justice, frankly. The detail is exceptional. I wanted to reach out and clean that chipped linoleum in the button sorting game myself.

At only $2.99, you can afford to take a look for yourself.

(Just don’t spray your device with floor cleaner in order to “tidy up” the virtual linoleum, okay? The tiny screens hate that.)

Image source

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