Christmas, Ball Jars, & Blue Grass Perfume

Deck the Balls with strings of lights... Fa la la la la, la la la la

It’s a deadline week for me, so I’m procrastinating by cleaning and decorating the house for the holidays. (Okay, mostly decorating.)

Ah, the sweet joys of working from home.

Pictured above is a kitchen project, inspired by… wait for it… Pinterest. Yes, again. The light strands look too messy. And I’d much prefer real candles, but these are safer for small hands.

So, it’s not working out quite how I’d planned it, and yet the photos really don’t do it justice either.

See, there’s this lovely bluish glow from the lit jars that reminds me of a trip my family and I made to Kentucky.

I was a small child, it was very, very cold, and there was a tall light that cast the same blue glow over a relative’s farm buildings. I can’t describe the ethereal quality of the scene etched into my memory. I do know that sort of blue light, to this day, makes me feel very nostalgic for my early childhood.

Back then I loved the smell of Blue Grass perfume, being bundled up against the cold by my mother, and listening to golden oldies while Dad drove us home.

They stopped making Blue Grass Perfume a few years back, I gather.


Funny how nostalgia can make you feel equal parts warm and sad inside.

Yes, much like candles, glass jars, perfume bottles, and Christmas lights, nostalgia should be handled with great care–especially during the holidays.

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Image source of perfume bottles