All That Glitters

I love rhinestones–both old and new. This is a jumble of my current faves, but I actually own several more. Although I wear them year ’round, they are especially fun to break out this time of year–pinned to my faux leopard coat.

As I learned with this tiny photo shoot, they’re very challenging to photograph. Maybe in the New Year I’ll practice a bit more and share the others with you, too.

Do you have a favorite glittery object that you like to wear this time of year?

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  1. I have a green wreath pin that I wore on my green wool winter coat – a steal from Target one year. This winter I need my heartier winter coat so I’ve not worn the green one to add the pin.
    On Christmas day or Eve or a holiday party I like to wear the gift box earrings I have. One Christmas I made all the females who received gifts from me large Christmas bulb earrings. Looking back they were sooooo gaudy!!

  2. Lol, Lisa. Lots of fun faux vintage in the stores. Watch for those after holiday sales so you will be ready for 2012!

    Tisha, kitschy Christmas bulb jewelry should be as commonplace as the gaudy holiday sweater. Very 80s, so trendy!

    You know, I am going to try to get a photo of my Christmas tree pin on my faux fur jacket…

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